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Where would heroes be without their guides?

Would Katniss have won the Hunger Games without Haymitch? Not likely.

What would Luke have done without Yoda? Not whole lot.

This is coaching in a nutshell. A great coach is there to guide and support you on your journey. 

As a high school teacher, my teaching style has always been student centered. Realizing that coaching is client centered as well is when I really saw the value it brings. YOU are the expert on YOU, do not forget that.

For years I thought the entire coaching industry was a bunch of woowoo nonsense. I watched friends and family members become coaches and, while a part of me felt inspired, another part of me felt that it was just not for me.

Then Covid hit and I was seeing people losing their jobs, not knowing how to manage their stress, and struggling to maintain their health and wellbeing at home. These are skills I have always tried to teach all my high school students. However, there is just not enough time and resources to teach non-academic skills effectively within the school system.

I decided I needed to help. So, I set up my coaching business and signed up with the Human Potential Institute to get certified.

Now, as a coach AND a teacher, I am in a position to help people RISE to be the best they can be.

So, what are THREE things can start doing today to live your BEST life?

1) Start having a green smoothie every day!

People today are overfed and undernourished, so make sure you are getting enough nutrients daily!

    • I like to include: avocado, celery, cucumber, collard greens, ginger, arugula, and water.
Green Smoothie

2) Go for a walk, or otherwise move your body.

Movement gets your blood flowing, helps you sleep better, helps your metabolism, and your mood. It does not have to be strenuous. Walk around the block, or do some stretching. 

If you do want to get your heart rate up, here is my 5min Quick Sweat Routine:

    • 1min of squats, 1min of jumping jacks, 1min of side lunges, 1min of alternating pop lunges, 1min of jump squats. 

3) Hire a Coach! No, seriously…

Before I had my first coach, I thought I had all the answers.The truth is, I was right, I but I was not accessing them.

On numerous occasions my coach has asked me a question that I had asked myself many times before. Only, what came up with my coach was always more powerful.

I have experienced major shifts in how I think about things like time and belonging just by being asked the right question at the right time.

It is life changing and I want the same for you!

At the end of the day, living your BEST life is up to you. If this post has inspired you, you can read more about my coaching HERE

Go get it friends!

Sarah Mae | Rise With SMae

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