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What Does A Mindset Coach Do?


As you build your coaching practice, an important early step is defining your coaching niche. One coaching niche to consider is a mindset coach. Let’s break down what it means to coach on mindset and why you might want to consider it as your coaching specialty.

What is a mindset coach?

Uncovers existing thought patterns that might be holding clients back, facilitates shifting mindset patterns to unblock the client and enable them to succeed. Shifting unhelpful or negative mindsets to ones that help them will aid them in achieving their goals. This type of coach also helps people build confidence about who they are, create healthy boundaries, and attract the love and respect they deserve. They’re often experts in developing confidence, empowerment, and moving past limiting beliefs. 

What techniques might a mindset coach use?

Along with leveraging coaching best practices, a mindset coach may also use specific techniques meant to more effectively shift a client’s mindset around a particular issue. For example, oftentimes a mindset coach will draw awareness towards cultivating a growth mindset rather than a fixed one. This opens a client’s mind up to possibilities instead of seeing limited resources and abilities.

This type of coach may also help a client explore what is within their control with the idea that we can change what is in our control, even when that is solely how we see a situation.

Benefits of working with a mindset coach

Build better habits

Making mindset moves is a great start but to get those mindsets to stick for clients, habits must be built. A good mindset coach will help clients build a plan on how to achieve this. Best Life Coach & Mindset Coach, Steph Nelb, takes her clients through a values exercise and leverages it to build a plan on how to stay true to those values through building stickable habits.

Move outside your comfort zone

A mindset coach will encourage clients to step outside their comfort zone and challenge themselves for the sake of growth. We don’t grow from within our comfort zone so this is a pivotal shift mindset coaches will need to help their clients with.

See roadblocks as obstacles to overcome

When you choose to see challenges as opportunities, a world of possibility opens up. This is another benefit of working with a coach focused on mindset work. As a client puts in the work to make this shift, they’ll become more successful as they seek out workarounds to their problems and build confidence in their abilities to find solutions.

Interested in working with a mindset coach?

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