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Turning Your Weaknesses Into Strengths – 8 Steps


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Turning Your Weaknesses Into Strengths – Pin Image!

Turning your weaknesses into strengths

We all know there are things we can work on to improve our businesses and our lives. Keep reading to uncover the best ways of turning your weaknesses into strengths.

Recognize and accept your weaknesses

You can’t start turning your weaknesses into strengths until you know what your weaknesses are.

Your first step is to identify your weaknesses. Admit to yourself what you’re not good at (or what you find yourself avoiding) so you can start working on it.

If you’re unsure of your weaknesses, solicit feedback from people around you that you trust. The people you work with on a daily basis will know what you’re good at and what you can improve on.

Hire out

When you decided to start taking on coaching clients you probably didn’t think about all of the other aspects of running a successful business like accounting, taxes, and marketing (just to name a few). Maybe you have some experience in these things, maybe you don’t. It’s OK not to be a pro at everything.

Psst: No one is great at everything. We firmly believe in hiring out roles and responsibilities that can save you time and money.

Instead of turning your weaknesses into strengths outsource what you can to save yourself time and money.

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Ask questions to learn

For a weakness where you lack knowledge, take the time to learn about it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to those around you. Make it a habit to find out more by reading books, taking a course, and joining in on discussions whenever possible. By learning you’ll be turning your weaknesses into strengths.

Get guidance from someone you trust

Seek out someone who has your weakness as a strength. Get guidance from them.

We are partial to a good coach 😉

Partner up

Sometimes two brains are better than one! Find a partner that lacks your strength and excels in your weakness. Let your weaknesses guide you to a mutually beneficial partnership.

Start with one

It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to fix all of your weaknesses at once. Rather than trying to address them all at the same time, take your time and address them one at a time. Come up with a plan to improve and allow yourself ample time to master it!

Create an action plan

Nothing will change unless you put in the work to change it. Set your goal and come up with small steps to attain it. Set dates and benchmarks to measure your success.

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Create a plan that you can stick to. Ask yourself, “Is this something I know I can do?”.

You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with just fifteen minutes a day or over the course of a few weeks and months.

With all this talk about turning your weaknesses into strengths – here are some final thoughts:

Final Thoughts

Here’s another way to think about turning your weaknesses into strengths by Dave Kerpen:

Think about your biggest weakness in life. Choose three of the most typical weaknesses that resonate with you the most:

Typical weaknesses:

  1. Disorganized
  2. Inflexible
  3. Stubborn
  4. Inconsistent
  5. Obnoxious
  6. Emotionless
  7. Shy
  8. Irresponsible
  9. Boring
  10. Unrealistic
  11. Negative
  12. Intimidating
  13. Weak
  14. Arrogant
  15. Indecisive
  16. Impatient

Do you have your top 3 selected? Great!

Now, look at the list below, find the same three weaknesses, and look at the traits to right of each.

Typical weaknesses + traits

  1. Disorganized ➡️ Creative
  2. Inflexible ➡️ Organized
  3. Stubborn ➡️ Dedicated
  4. Inconsistent ➡️ Flexible
  5. Obnoxious ➡️ Enthusiastic
  6. Emotionless ➡️ Calm
  7. Shy ➡️ Reflective
  8. Irresponsible ➡️ Adventurous
  9. Boring ➡️ Responsible
  10. Unrealistic ➡️ Positive
  11. Negative ➡️ Realistic
  12. Intimidating ➡️ Assertive
  13. Weak ➡️ Humble
  14. Arrogant ➡️ Self-Confident
  15. Indecisive ➡️ Patient
  16. Impatient ➡️ Passionate

The three qualities to the right of your three weaknesses are all strengths.

Hidden in your weaknesses are your strengths.

For every weakness, there is a strength.

In the end, there’s always room for improvement, growth, and learning.

Just keep in mind that what you may see as a weakness may also be directly tied to your greatest strength!

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