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The Best Of Our 1st Year


It’s our #launchiversary! We are celebrating by taking a look back at where we’ve been and how far we’ve come.

All too often we find ourselves too focused on what’s next and don’t take the time to acknowledge how far we’ve come. This week we are looking back on what we did best, how we’ve evolved, and some of what we’ve accomplished since launching on June 1, 2021.

Looking back on the best o four 1st year

It all started with the three Co-Founders – Melissa Byone, Sarah Mae, and Steph Nelb – as three strangers from around North America “hacking” our lives to become our best selves. We each were embarking on a journey to share our knowledge as certified Human Potential Coaches.

Bonded by our desire to destigmatize the Life Coaching industry, we noticed that while there are many coach directories, there are very few resources for coaches to connect as a community and find their best-fit clients.

By bringing together coaches and providing a platform for them to share their expertise, our goals was to help promote certified life coaches and connect them with potential clients.

The journey began with a meeting of the minds, a half day Zoom call, to determine our key values. We agreed on:

Wellness | Authenticity | Growth | Connection | Community

Then we set off creating a website that featured coaches and developed a vetting process.

Next we come up with a content strategy and began posting.


To date, we have 8 Coach members on our site spanning all over North America. Locations including:

Vancouver, BC | Honolulu, HI | Boston, MA | Tucson, AZ | Iowa City, IA | Boulder Creek, CA | Miami, FL

Since launching the first iteration of the Coach profile, they have been expanded to include preferred pronouns, time zone, and ways you can work with the coach. We’ve also updated the search functionality on our site so you can search by coach type, specialty, location, time zone, and language.

We have hosted 12 community calls, co-working sessions, and workshops.

There have been over 2,000 eyeballs on our coaches and collectively the website has driven over 400+ referrals to our coach members – either directly to their website or to sign up for a discovery call.

The BLCC has driven over 400+ direct referrals to our coach members website or scheduling links.


The Best Life Coach Collective website was launched June 1, 2021.

We began weekly posts on topics like:

We started off writing about things we thought were interesting, what we were learning, and why we believed in coaching. As we started to gain new members, their points of view and experiences were also included in our top blogs.

The most read blogs on The Best Life Coach Collective 2021 – 2022 include:

What Problems Do Life Coaches Solve?

Mindful Eating: 1 Simple Practice of Gratitude to Start Today

The Power Pause: What it is & When To Use It

Are Cold Showers Good for Your or Just Hype?

Half of our top blogs were submitted by our members! When our members share blogs with us we read through them and optimize them for SEO to help them show up higher in relevant search page rankings. A win-win for everyone!

We also launched an online quiz to help potential clients narrow in on what type of coach they are looking for.

Take the Quiz


Since launching our Instagram on May 18, 2021 there have been 370 posts! We have grown our account from 0 to 185 followers.

We began with posts that included:

  • Ask a Coach
  • Quotes we’re pondering
  • Our latest blog post
  • Sharing our newsletter
  • Sharing testimonials
  • Our best life tips

In the last year, we dabbled in making Instagram Reels and Guides.

Check out our top performing Reel of the year with over 8k views and 300+ likes!


Our most recent venture was the launch of our Podcast which we began in January 2022.

This month we put our our 6th episode.

So far we’ve covered topics like:

Subscribe to our podcast so you don’t miss an episode:

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This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all that’s happened in the last year. Just a point to celebrate how far we’ve come before we share all the new exciting things we are working on for our current and future members.

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