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3 Powerful Questions for Impactful Results


powerful questions

One of the tools life coaches keep in their arsenal are powerful questions. These are strategically crafted questions meant to evoke wisdom within the client. 

When clients take the time to ponder and answer these questions, it provides solutions far more effective than if the coach simply told the client what to do. That is why the international coaching federation (ICF) values powerful questioning as a core competency that their coaches are tested on.

So how exactly do these questions work in a coaching environment? Here are a few examples of the kinds of questions you might get asked in a coaching relationship, and how they have helped our clients.

Powerful Questions We’ve Asked

1. “What is something you’re afraid I will ask you?”

Sophee Payne asked this question to one of her clients, who had been visibly uncomfortable with a pressing issue. Sophee hoped this would get to the heart of the tension. Her client “realized she was avoiding a certain topic because that was the core of the issue for her, and that by avoiding it she was avoiding her own transformation.”

This led to a further insight that she does this with other things in her life and it is a pattern for her – one that she is now committed to overcome. Now that’s the kind of breakthrough we get excited about as coaches!

2. “What is this sensation telling you?”

After leading her client through an embodiment exercise, where the client had to become more in tune with how their body was feeling as a topic was discussed, Steph Nelb asked her client what inner wisdom was now arising. Our bodies “have intuition that we may not be aware of unless we take the time to pay attention”, Steph says.

In this particular case, the client had three options in front of her but was unsure which was the best path. They walked through this exercise together for each scenario to understand how the client felt about each option deep down. The client “became very clear on which option was best for her and then felt confident moving forward as a result.” She reported feeling happy with her choice and she realized it was the best option for her desired life path.

3. “What does your heart say?

This is the powerful question that comes to mind for coach, Melissa Byone. She was talking about goals and why they were important when her client appeared stuck on a particular goal, not fully wanting it to happen. “When she asked her heart, it became clear that it wasn’t what she really wanted.”

This client kept asking why the goal was important without much success. As Melissa states, “she was asking her logical brain but it didn’t feel right. When we took a few deep breaths together and she envisioned her heart and asked again, the real answer came to her – and it made all the reasons she was doing things more clear.” This is the clarity we aim to deliver on for clients.

What’s Next

These are only three small examples of the powerful questions coaches ask, and since the questions are customized to the situation the client brings to a session, it is best experienced for yourself. 

If you’re ready to hire a life coach and experience this in action, book a free discovery call with any of our talented coaches. We have all been on both sides of the client-coach relationship and can all attest to the power these questions have had for each of us.

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