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Are you living your BEST life? Looking for ways to improve your health, relationships, and work/life balance?


The Best Life (Coach) Podcast is here to inspire and share tools you can use to optimize your body, your relationships, your career, and ultimately live your Best Life, whatever that means for you.


Hosts Melissa Byone, Stephanie Nelb, and Sarah Mae are co-founders of the Best Life Coach Collective, a collective of certified life coaches on a mission to de-stigmatize the coaching industry and build a community that both inspires and informs. 

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Recent Episodes


EP8: Finding Confidence Outside Your Comfort Zone

In episode 8 of the Best Life (Coach) Podcast, we’re talking about taking time to recharge and also taking time to connect with others, even when that...

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EP7: One Year in Business! Our Wins & Growth + What’s Next

In this episode of the Best Life (Coach) Podcast, we’re discussing: Our first year in business – what a wild ride! We chat about our wins, learnings,...

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EP6: How We Keep Eating Healthy Everyday

Today we're talking about all things food. We're talking about what we eat, and how we keep eating healthy when we have time when we don't have time, and how...

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