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Setting goals for yourself is a great way to progress your quality of life but how do you stay motivated to continue working towards goals after you’ve set them? As a life coach who loves setting goals for myself, here are a few proven strategies I’ve adopted.

1. Visualize the outcome daily

Every day I sit down for a few minutes and close my eyes. I take a few deep breaths and then visualize my ideal outcome. How will I feel when I achieve this? What’s currently standing in my way? What else do I need to focus on to achieve this outcome? As these answers flow to me, I make sure to write them down to gain clarity on what’s next for my path forward.

Visualization is a really powerful tool because it helps us rehearse what is going to happen. This tricks our mind into fully believing this outcome will happen and therefore makes us that much more likely to achieve it.

2. Establish a winning morning routine

Many of the most successful people have established a morning routine that sets their day up for success. Ever heard of Hal Elrod’s book, the Miracle Morning? Those first couple hours in the morning tend to set the tone for your entire day so use them wisely; ahem – ever heard of ‘waking up on the wrong side of the bed’?!

Every morning I spend a few minutes writing a to-do list for the day. Now, to-do lists might not be your thing but this organization is what works for me. I write down the few ‘must-haves’ that need to occur in my day. And these ‘must-haves’ are strategic. These are the few items that must occur today to make progress towards my larger goals. In other words, I make tiny, intentional movements every. single. day. to move in the direction I want to go.

3. Celebrate the small wins

Progress is great and focusing on the end goal is important… but don’t lose sight of the journey. Celebrate the small wins along the way to encourage and motivate you to keep going. For example, every time I book a new client, I do a little happy dance.

You might be thinking, “Steph, seriously? For every single client?” Heck yeah I do! Because every client I’ve had quickly adds up to having many clients that I can help towards a better future! I get to help each individual get clear on their goals, remove roadblocks and recognize the only thing standing in their way is them!! *breathe* Okay, I’m back. I just get so excited about helping people like you achieve your dreams. So, what small wins can you already celebrate? What have you done thus far to take action towards your goals? 

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