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4 Ways a Strong Network will Help You Grow Your Coaching Business


You’ve got your shiny new coaching certification (congratulations!), now you’re trying to figure out how to fill up your client roster and grow your coaching business.

You’ve downloaded every free resource you can find about getting more clients, but nothing is working yet. Maybe you need to sign up for a course? Or pay a business coach to help you? It is all so overwhelming!

At the Best Life Coach Collective, we’ve been there too. Luckily we had each other, and our regular check-ins kept us motivated and moving forward.

Talking to other coaches who were feeling alone and isolated in their businesses, we noticed that the topic of community and peer support is rarely spoken about in the coaching industry. Yet, we know first-hand the benefits of having a network of trusted peers, so we decided to extend our little community of three and started the Best Life Coach Collective.

Today we are sharing 4 important benefits of having a strong network as you build your coaching practice.

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4 Ways a Strong Network will Help You Grow Your Coaching Business

Whether you’re thinking about becoming a coach, just starting your biz, or have been figuring it out for a while, a strong network of like-minded coaches will be a huge benefit to your business.

To be clear, we’re not referring just to fee-based academies, masterminds, or group coaching programs where the community is built around the lead coach. These can be great resources; however, what we’re talking about is a strong network of reciprocal support among coaches.

Here are 4 ways building a strong network will benefit you and your biz.

#1 – Connection

Many coaches are solo practitioners, working from home or coaching as a side gig, which means building a coaching business can be very isolating.

A strong network to connect with regularly means you don’t have to go it alone. You have like-minded people to share resources, exchange ideas, motivate each other, learn from, and troubleshoot challenges with.

Whether it’s asking for feedback or discussing your point of view, a peer network will help you expand your knowledge and allow you to see things from other perspectives.

#2 – Opportunities

While a peer network isn’t the place to sell your services to other coaches, unless explicitly invited to do so, there are many opportunities that may arise from the connections you make.

Whether it’s a referral, chance to collaborate, the offer of partnership, podcast opportunity, or request for your services, active participation in community will result in organic outgrowth and opportunities you haven’t imagined yet.

#3 – Referals

Speaking of referrals, clients aren’t always going to be the right fit for you or you for them. Being part of a community of like-minded coaches gives you a network to refer out to that you trust.

Plus, you will inevitably get people referred to you, which makes this a win-win situation!

#4 – Raising Your Profile

Being visible and getting noticed is a big benefit of networking. The more connected you are, the more people will begin to recognize you. This can help you to build your reputation as an expert in your field by offering useful information or tips to people who ask for it.

You’re also more likely to get more leads and referrals, as you’ll be the one that comes to mind when they hear someone needing what you offer.

Bonus – Friendship

As we mentioned, coaching can be a lonely business. One of the best parts of being part of a community is building lifelong friendships with your business besties.

These are people that get what you’re going through, and can genuinely empathize with your losses and celebrate your wins. This is priceless.

Take Action

As a coach, the importance of networking and building a community around you cannot be overstated.

We know we’ve only made it this far because we have each other. We support each other to do things that scare us. We work through challenges together. We coach each other through hard times and offer suggestions when we think they may help. 

That’s how BLCC was formed. We knew there was strength in numbers and we knew it was better to build our businesses together than apart.

We hope you’ll join us in our FREE Facebook Community, this growing network is an inclusive + safe space for coaches to build relationships and support each other in helping our clients and building our businesses.

See you there!

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