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Remember when you were a kid serving yourself food and you put WAY too much on your plate because you were hungry and the food looked good? But once you start eating, you get full and can’t finish everything on your plate?

Well, many of my clients lately have been experiencing a full plate of responsibilities and hit fatigue and burnout as they rush to finish every task on their plate. And truth be told, I’ve had this feeling as well. So how do myself and my clients move past it? Keep reading.

I get where you’re coming from with the full plate. You fill your days end to end with seemingly-necessary tasks and still don’t feel like you’ve accomplished everything by the end of the day, or week, you name it – “there are never enough hours in the day and I’m exhausted”. Clearly, not a sustainable path. You either need a larger plate or less responsibilities.

So take a step back for a week (or however much time you need) and remove any non-critical activities from your agenda. Allow yourself to breathe and recharge, then think through the following:

  1. Outline everything that has been on your plate
  2. Then draw a T chart labeling one side “current priorities” and the other “parking lot”
  3. Which items are critical to your daily success? Which items are actually moving you towards your key goals? Write these down for your “critical priorities” column.
  4. Move everything else to the “parking lot” column.

Now, I know this might sound drastic – “But Steph, there are items in my ‘parking lot’ that I want to work on now!” Adjust these lists as you see fit but keep in mind that we’re trying to pull things off your plate to allow you more time and energy to tackle the tasks that really matter. Putting something in your “parking lot” doesn’t mean it’s permanently on hold; it just means that it will flow to your “current priorities” at a later date. As you feel your plate start to empty just below a manageable level, you can always move those “parking lot” items over to fill your plate back to what’s doable.

Sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomach and we fill our plate just a little too much. It’s okay (and important) to push the boundaries to grow but when it gets to be a little too much, take a break. Take a step back. And re-prioritize.

How is your responsibility load feeling right now? Is the path you’re on sustainable? If not, right the ship before you hit a storm. And if you need support in the process, hire a Best Life Coach.

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