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5 Ways For You to Find a Good Life Coach


Have you started to hear more and more about people you admire having some sort of “coach”? You typically hear them claim that this person helps them lead a better life in some way. 

Has hearing this piqued your interest in having a coach? Have you thought, I want to lead my best life too! Is this how you found yourself asking.. more like Googling “What is a life coach?” and “How do I find a good life coach?”

First off, know that you are not alone. There are tons of searches on Google for this every day and even more search results (1.3 billion in case you were wondering). The problem is, it feels like everyone is trying to say that they are the best and it’s really overwhelming trying to find a good life coach. 

Well, this article is designed to be a little bit different. (That’s just how we do things at the BLCC.) We want you to feel confident when you pick a life coach. We believe in the power of life coaching and are committed to destigmatizing the coaching world and making it more approachable for everyone. We have a shared goal of helping EVERYONE reach their Highest Potential and live their BEST life. 

We hope you find these tips helpful on your search to find a good life coach, whether they be from our directory of coaches or someplace else.

Without further ado, here’s our top 5 ways for you to find a good life coach:

Determine the type of coach you’d like to work with

Not every coach is well versed in every topic or aspect of human life. We all have different life experiences and therefore different expertise. Try asking yourself what you are most looking to improve in your life. There are many different types of coaching specialities including business, mindset, productivity, marketing, career, relationship, divorce, financial, health & wellness, transitional, recovery, and the list goes on.

If a certain type of coach doesn’t immediately stand out to you, no worries! We created a Free Coach Matchmaker Quiz that asks you 5 questions and will help you determine where to start. Take the Quiz

(If you tried the quiz and ended up with a General Life Coach, you’re in for a real treat. This just means you haven’t nailed down what will help you improve your life yet. This is a great topic to explore with a life coach.)

Disclaimer: There is a major difference between a life coach, a therapist, and a mentor. Read more

Look for a coach with training and a certification

This is a biggie. One of the reasons life coaches have gotten such a bad wrap in the past is because the industry is unregulated. This means any one can claim to be a life coach. To find a good life coach, you’ll want to make sure that you are looking for a coach that has a certification. This means that they’ve undergone training in the techniques of generating effective and successful outcomes and received guidance and feedback from a qualified supervisor.

In other words, they’ve put in time in effort to learning skills that will ultimately help you achieve your goals.

Ask your potential life coach what their training is and if they are certified. If they stumble over this question, run.

At the Best Life Coach Collective, all of our coaches have been through extensive training, are certified by recognized credentialing bodies, and adhere to a Code of Ethics.

Read testimonials and reviews

These days we don’t pick a new dry cleaner without reading reviews. The same logic can apply to your life coach. Many coaches will include testimonials, reviews, or feedback they’ve received on their website. If you don’t see any shoot them a message and ask for client testimonials. Any life coach that has instilled lasting change in their clients will be happy to share their success stories. 

Ask all the questions

Interview your potential coach. Seriously, make a list of questions and ask all of them. When you engage with a coach, you become their client, and the work you do together is their job. Ask them questions to get to know them. Ask them what lead them to coaching. Ask them everything that comes to mind.

Many coaches prefer to have a “get to know you call” before jumping straight into coaching. (Sometimes this “introduction” or “discovery” session is even free.)

At the Best Life Coach Collective, all of our coaches offer a free introduction call for you to get to know each other and to ask all of your questions.

Find a good life coach by finding the best fit for you

You can determine the type of coach you need, make sure they’re certified, read reviews, ask all the questions, do a ton of research on who is the best, and still not find the right coach for you.

You are unique. Every coach is unique. Every coaching relationship is unique.

Just because one coach is a great fit for someone else does not mean they will be a great fit for you.

We encourage you to speak with multiple coaches and interview them. Get a feel for their style. Ask yourself if you can really open up to this person. Ask yourself if they will challenge you when you need it most. Ask yourself if speaking with them lights you up. Be honest with yourself.

Lastly, ask yourself if this is right coach for you

If it’s not, that’s ok, just keep looking.

If it is, then you are well on your way to achieving all that you desire.


Were these tips helpful in your search to find a good life coach? Leave a comment and let us know which tip was the most helpful to you.

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