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Stephanie Nelb | UPLEVEL with Steph

Co-Founder, Best Life Coach Collective
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Boston, Massachusetts


Mindset Shifts | Habit Sticking | Goal Execution



Type of Sessions

Virtual (via Zoom)

My Coaching Style Is...

Client Centred, Holistic, and Transformational. 

I became a coach because...

For years I’ve been compiling wisdom and insight from books, podcasts, and conversations. As a result, I’ve been a go-to source for advice among friends and family.

I became a coach to share my knowledge with more people and help improve the lives of individuals willing to grow.

I can help you...

If you could upgrade your habits and mindset to unlock a life of unlimited potential and purpose, what else would you do?

I believe this potential is already within you and I’m here to help you unlock it. Let’s UPLEVEL together.

How I'm living my BEST life...

When I am not working or coaching, I get out in nature to recharge and experience the beauty. This is often paired with an adrenaline-inducing activity like skiing or surfing. Those activities put me into a state of flow, which increases happiness, emotional regulation, and taps into intrinsic motivation.


Wait, did you just learn something new by reading that last sentence? Come work with me, I have much more to offer.


Steph led me through an exercise that helped me become grounded in the present moment so that I could confront the feelings I had about my ideas more directly.


She also listened actively and picked out phrases from my rambling which helped me reframe my thinking when I was feeling blocked.


~Tina R.

Being asked questions about the things I claim are obstacles helps dissolve them for me.


I realize it is so much bigger as a thought than an actual obstacle!


~ SP

This session helped me identify options I hadn’t thought of and I did find some new options to solve my problem.


Steph is great at putting people at ease and helping them find solutions.


~ PJ R.

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