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Melissa Byone Coach

Co-Founder, Best Life Coach Collective

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Honolulu, Hawaii


Small Business Marketing | Confidence | Wellness | Life Purpose | Mindset



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My Coaching Style Is...

Client Centered, Encouraging, and Embodied. 

I became a coach because...

coaching helped me find my purpose and become who I want to be.

I was stuck. I didn’t have any goals. Life just kind of happened to me. I wasn’t in control. I lacked self-confidence and didn’t have my own voice.

I started the coaching process with no expectations. 

I learned so much about myself and who I wanted to be. I made goals. I achieved them. So I made more goals and here I am today, wanting to share my new found life’s purpose with you!

I can help you...

take control of your life, create a clear path forward, and achieve all of your dreams.

How I'm living my BEST life...

I go on daily walks with my little dog Charlie. I take pictures of landscapes, flowers, plants, and trees. I practice yoga and meditation. I spend quality time with loved ones.

I love to travel, go on adventures, and try new foods. I do things that scare me. I read books about life and making money. I listen to murder podcasts at the gym.  

I believe health = wealth so I am studying to be a certified functional nutrition specialist. 


I met Melissa when she came in as a potential customer, and was very interested in her coaching abilities, as well as her business acumen. I knew what I wanted but lacked direction in terms of taking clear and constructive steps for bringing customers to me, and Melissa definitely helped me find clarity about how I wanted to run my business and what I really wanted to do. Melissa is approachable, easy going, observant, an adept questioner, and world class listener. I always feel heard in our sessions, and her questions always lead to important breakthroughs and realizations. Our sessions have been cathartic and illuminating, and I always feel more clear about what I’m doing and plan to do, even though they’re constantly changing, with her coaching the direction is always ahead.

~ Haunani Hess

I came to Melissa stuck and overwhelmed with opportunities, not sure which were best for me. She helped me clarify and set goals based on my values. More importantly, she taught me to apply a “values-based” lens to all of my decision making. Four sessions in and I am moving forward with a renewed confidence. Thanks Melissa, you have changed my life!


I found coaching at a time when I knew I was stuck and I was struggling to make progress in a meaningful way. I often found myself in repetitive thought loops frequented with the thoughts of “I don’t know what I want” and limiting beliefs. I also got stuck in habits or thoughts without digging deeper into why I was stuck there and was not able to recognize tangible next steps that would help me make progress forward.

I chose Melissa as my coach because I really enjoyed her positive affirmations and perspectives on life. She is centered and calm with a balanced energy that makes coaching a safe space.

Coaching has made a significant impact on the trajectory of my year and I believe ultimately my life. I was able to nail down my ultimate values-based goals and make so much progress towards them in the first few months alone. I came to coaching with an intent to define and work towards professional goals, but the reality is coaching with Melissa has touched and improved almost every aspect of my life.

What surprised me the most about my experience with coaching is that while I believed I was a high functioning productive person before coaching I had no idea what my true potential actually was. I am surprised at how much the tools learned through coaching and the process has elevated my output, perspective, and confidence. I feel like I’m functioning at a whole new level in life.

~ Katie Showell

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