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Jillian Heron

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Boulder Creek, CA, USA


Human Potential Coach, Embodiment, Presence Centered



Type of Sessions

Virtual or In Person

My Coaching Style Is...

Holistic, client-centered, empowering, presence-centered and embodiment based

I became a coach because...

Throughout obtaining my B.A. in Psychology and B.S. in Human Development, I had always thought there was more to the puzzle. Most of my studies were about what was “wrong” with people instead of what was “right”.


When I discovered that Human Potential Coaching is rooted in positive psychology and uses a strengths-based approach, I realized this was the missing piece I was searching for.


Coaching provides a platform for me to fully support others and be a reflection of the empowerment and potential that already lies within, and that is not something my degree could have taught me.

I can help you...

I provide a safe space for you to dig deep and find new ways of thinking, living, and being. Through coaching with me, clients discover clarity around where they want to be, why, and how to get there, all the while befriending blockages and recognizing them as teachers.


My clients walk away with an increased connection to self, others, direction, purpose, and drive that was always there, it just needed to be discovered.

How I'm living my BEST life...

I am living my best life by merging work and play. I love working with children and holding space for their authentic development. This meaningful work also allows me to bring out the inner child in myself!


Beyond teaching and life coaching. I travel to festivals and events providing harm reduction and peer support services. I get to do what I love, and love what I do! I live in a small mountain town where in my free time I tend to my garden, make apple cider vinegar, shea body butter mixes, and up-cycle jewelry.


I also love moving my body with fire flow arts and other somatic movement practices! When I go out, I keep my mind alive by listening to human development books/podcasts on my long commute.


Coaching with Jill has been amazing! I look forward to our sessions each time, as she has supported my personal growth through anxiety, self-care, and mindful practices.

Jill created a safe space to hear my goals, shared information when needed, and guided embodiment practices, with this I became more in tune with myself. I am so happy to have met and collaborated with her.

~ Sadie

Jill’s mind, body, and soul life coaching sessions have opened my eyes into the connection of how our bodies truly harness ailments of our emotions and struggles.

I was amazed to dive into a deep connection within myself and felt an overflow of release once talking through subjects that I didn’t realize were buried.

I will be forever grateful to carry forward with the lessons I’ve learned and look forward to working with her more in the future.

~ A.R. Bancroft

If you’re anything like me you will benefit A LOT from Jill’s coaching. Her natural presence and gentle and insightful guidance have been just the thing to provide the impetus and tools to go within as well as just enough of a mirror and memory to keep my visions and their implementation deeply relevant, sustained, and moving forward boldly in my life.

I really can’t thank her enough!

~ Joseph Price

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