In episode 9 of the Best Life (Coach) Podcast, we’re talking ALL things travel.
Topics include the stress you experience along the way, the tips we have to overcome them, what it’s like to come home, and how you make that house a home.
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Podcast EP9 - Overcoming Travel Stress




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Welcome to the best life coach podcast where today we’re talking about all things travel, including the stressors that you experienced along the way. The tips we have to overcome them, and what it’s like to come home and how you make that house a home.


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Welcome to the best life coach podcast, where we discuss how you can live your best life


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As they say, it takes a village now welcome to yours. But before you joined, I was just telling Sarah, how much I hate the travel part of traveling. Like the preparing. Oh, I’m so stressed out right now. Oh, no hurts.


Stephanie Nelb  0:57  

Go back to acupuncture puncture.


Melissa Byone  0:59  

Do it go this week. Huh?


Stephanie Nelb  1:04  

How did your


Melissa Byone  1:05  

Oh boy. Oh, I totally forgot. Like what we were we talked about last time. Yeah. Um, so I’ve been twice now. And it’s like, it’s like, it’s like a miracle cure. It’s crazy. Like, I didn’t believe that it would be so helpful. Um, but I guess I should have because it’s been around forever for a reason. It was so awesome. It really, it helps my job, like so much. It’s crazy how sticking a needle in your face can like giving you so much relief. She did this like, kind of visioning exercise too. And like, like, let go of all the things that you haven’t said, um, which is kind of something that really kind of spoke to me because I often don’t say things if I feel like, it might rock the boat, or I don’t always give my opinion on things. I keep a lot in my coping mechanisms, I guess. And so it’s crazy how that like, affects my jaw feels. Because that’s where like, I keep my tension and my stress. So yeah, it was really awesome. Like, two or three weeks, like, I felt relief there. Only really today, as I’m gearing up to travel has it, like, come back? It just, yeah, traveling just kind of stresses me out a little bit. Once I’m on the plane, it’s fun. It’s just like getting there getting on the plane. What is it about that? I think it’s making sure you’re on time and like getting through everything. Like I’ve missed flights before. We like to kind of pretty close. I don’t like to sit around for too long. So that’s just me out. I’d rather sit there for like an hour. And like be through security. Like I hate being in the security line like leaves and 20 minutes ago stresses me out. I’m fine with my dog stresses me out. I’ve been situation where you get there kind of last minute. And they’re like, Ah, we’re no longer taking baggage. I was like, please. Like, we’ll try. I mean, it made it but if you’re not there like I think it’s 45 minutes before your flight leaves. Like they. They can’t guarantee your bag will make the flight. Wow. Yeah. Just yeah. And then we have connecting flights and things that canceled and trying to get work going. Things are really bad right now.


Sarah Mae  4:25  

Yeah, I was so scared. So I just got back from New York and I was so worried that we were going to be late just because I didn’t want to have less time in New York and I didn’t want more of a delay because I was traveling with Loki. And then we got back last night. And Ali was supposed to he wanted to fly back to Vancouver with us so I wasn’t flying alone. And then fly back to Chicago to Chicago. So Chicago is now away from New York. You’re waiting nice. I didn’t know that. That was the plan until it was too late to to convince him that he was being way too nice. But that’s my husband. And so but he got to Vancouver and he was on the plane ready to go to Chicago. And then they came on and said there was a mechanical failure and the flight was going to be canceled. So he ended up coming home. Didn’t you didn’t make it. But we were happy to have him home. That was like, the airlines are crazy.


Melissa Byone  5:27  

Yeah. Ah, tell me more about your New York Jets.


Sarah Mae  5:31  

I know you’re super excited. Um, well, we went because I was working. So it was like a work slash fun trip fun. For me. It was like his first time being on an airplane with us. So and he came to us on an airplane and was traumatized when he arrives. And I’m really nervous about that. He didn’t do so well on the way there because I was trying to follow all the rules of like, being like, closed in the carrier. And he was like scratching at it. But on the way back, he was fine, because I left it open. And like, didn’t see because it had to have his head sticking out. He was sure he couldn’t get out. So he’s attached anyway. And I was like, I want to close it if someone asks me to. So no one asked me to I kept it open. And he was he was down there. And he could see me so he just like little chin on the side and slept. I didn’t do that. But it was a really good experience for him. He loved walking. He like fit in and he’s terrified outside on like the quiet streets here. But I mean, they’re not super quiet. But they’re quiet compared to any street in New York. But like, in the middle of the day, when there’s a bit of traffic, he freaks out everything. But in New York walking down the busy streets, he was like, yeah, he’s having a balls. Where are you? Yeah, so I think it helped him like, maybe grow up a little bit and has new experiences. It was fun. The best part though, was when we got home last night, I’ve never seen him so happy. Because he could finally have like the run of the place. We were in like a tiny like our hotels, probably like two king sized beds in total in size. So he didn’t have a lot of running space. So he when we came in, and I like washed his feet and stuff. He was like running around the house. So it’s so happy biggest smile. It’s like That’s so cute. Last, so my whole trip was about getting loci used to traveling. Yeah.


Stephanie Nelb  7:32  

Well, it sounds like you made some progress there. So


Sarah Mae  7:34  

yeah, and having the just the memories, I think are worth the like, the, like stress and everything of traveling with him. I I wasn’t sure after the first flight, if I was like, I’m gonna do this over again. But after like, then having the whole experience in New York and having the flight back, which was easier. I would definitely do it again. That’s awesome.


Melissa Byone  8:05  

What have you been up to Steph?


Stephanie Nelb  8:08  

Um, well, I would say going on the dog theme. been dealing with some issues with my pup. So getting through that, but making some progress. And yeah, just staying as patient with it as I can.


Sarah Mae  8:30  

What’s going on with


Stephanie Nelb  8:31  

me? Yeah, so he’s having some bowel issues. And I’ve been having to wake up in the middle of the night with him and take him out. Have had to clean up some messes if I leave for a couple hours. So it’s been a little bit of a challenge, but we’re getting through it and I’m hoping it will improve soon. So yeah, just kind of one of those. Not so fun times but getting through it the best we can.


Sarah Mae  9:00  

Okay. Yeah.


Stephanie Nelb  9:06  

His fault in all fairness, though, because he ate something he wasn’t supposed to eat. What can you do? Surprisingly, it was just a piece of bark like tree bark, but it was a really firm piece that I was worried was going to get stuck in him. So we went to the emergency vet last week and thankfully it sounded like he had been passing most of it. Okay. So we’re just waiting for the lovely process of it coming back out. This maybe not the best podcast material


Sarah Mae  9:46  

for today.


Melissa Byone  9:48  

It’s real.


Stephanie Nelb  9:51  

rolling with it. This is life. Yeah. So where are you going Melissa and And yeah, tell us a little bit more about this trip


Melissa Byone  10:02  

you’re going on. I am going to the mainland. I’ll be in North Dakota and Texas for the next couple of weeks. visiting family really nice hanging out. Yeah.


Stephanie Nelb  10:23  

Sounds like a good time to kind of recharge and reconnect with folks.


Melissa Byone  10:28  

Yeah. Yeah. Pretty far away here. beautiful Island of Hawaii. It’s funny. I go on vacation to like, lame places because I live here. You know?


Stephanie Nelb  10:46  

Every day is a vacation for you.


Melissa Byone  10:48  

It’s really not.


Stephanie Nelb  10:53  

We like to think so at least


Melissa Byone  10:56  

now seems to think so. Like, yeah, it’s beautiful day. It’s beautiful every day. Ocean Blue and beautiful. Beautiful blue sky green palm trees.


Stephanie Nelb  11:09  

It’s amazing. Like what you get used to in your environment?


Melissa Byone  11:14  

I do. Yeah. Yeah. Like this.


Stephanie Nelb  11:19  

It’s so easy to take things for granted. Yeah. Yeah.


Melissa Byone  11:23  

This morning, I was walking Charlie and I was just stretching my neck. So I was just like, I’m just gonna look up. And I was just looking up. And sky was so blue and beautiful. And there’s like a palm tree like above me. And I was like, this is a beautiful moment. was a nice crisp, like, little perfectly like chill. Like 70 something. Like this is a beautiful morning. Good to miss this. It’s like Texas hot. Brown outside.


Sarah Mae  11:57  

Yeah. Yeah. Something to cherish. Yeah. I actually felt like, more grateful for my view. When I got home. I was looking out. And then today, it’s cooler, but Sunny, by like, way cooler than New York. And I was up. I gave like a bath this morning. And I took him upstairs to dry out in the sun. And it was like, nice. And I was looking out. And I was like, Man, I don’t need to like travel places to like, get a gorgeous view anymore. I have one from my house piece, which is new. The last time I was in New York, I came home and I bought like a big like New York skyline like frame like canvases, like a series of them. And because I was like, I want to move to New York, and I don’t want to live in this crappy little cave condo that I was in, overlooking, like, the alleyway. But now not only do I not own that, and anymore, I’m like I have a better view.


Stephanie Nelb  13:05  

It’s nice when you can get to a place where you really appreciate where you’re at and how far you’ve come and have that ability to just live in the moment and enjoy it instead of you know, focusing on what else you could have.


Melissa Byone  13:22  

Yeah, how do you make this kind of like, how do you make a space your own? Like it’s one thing to be able to look outside and be like, That’s friggin beautiful, but like how do you like make a place that feels like home?


Sarah Mae  13:39  

Hmm, great question.


Melissa Byone  13:41  

Good question.


Stephanie Nelb  13:44  

As someone who’s done a lot of home improvement in the last couple of years. I have a couple of thoughts. I think for me since I really love nature and I love being outside and I’m really grateful first off to live right next to some woods so I just walk outside and have just this nice peaceful serene environment but I try and also bring it inside as much as possible. So I have plants everywhere that I have a window really to try and just savor that as much as possible and it just kind of is her know in a weird way a part of me like it just feels nice to have that nature inside. And then I have little to lighters as well. So whether that’s something like my super comfy bedspread that I really like curling up into at night or my rainbow coordinated bookshelf, you know where all my books are in order of color. So that really brings me joy and so does the organization I have in my kitchen. So small little things, but it just feels so nice on a daily basis to really have those little elements that just spark these tiny little moments of joy. And for me, that’s what makes my home, my home. And the love that I have with my dog here.


Melissa Byone  15:17  

It’s awesome. I really want to see your rainbow bookshelf now. It’s a


Stephanie Nelb  15:24  

little messy over there. But maybe another time, we’ll point the camera in that


Melissa Byone  15:30  

photo to the show notes. There we go.


Sarah Mae  15:36  

I’m still working on that in my place, because we moved here, guess a year ago. And everything was so like bright and clean and fresh that I was worried putting things on the walls. So there’s still nothing up in the walls in the bedroom, which feels a bit weird. But other things are slowly getting there. Also, we like wanting to get nice furniture. So that’s been like a slow process. You can’t buy everything at once. least we didn’t. But yeah, like, I think the having things where I want them, especially like in the kitchen and stuff really, really helps. I have lots of plants as well. could always use more. Not sure where to put them. But I will eventually figure that out. I think because I was thinking about this after I moved and it was still It felt so new wasn’t like there wasn’t memories here yet. So I think that that was something for me. I remember thinking like, when will I look back and be like, oh, you know, like, I’ve lied on the couch like doing nothing because I just like on holiday or I’m sick or something like like, once you live there long enough and you can look back on things that you’ve done there. Whether it’s memories with people or just things that you did in your life by yourself like when I cut my hand is the thing that happened here like I cut my head it’s she’s like that happened in this house. But when I first moved in, there was nothing so it was still such a blank slate.


Melissa Byone  17:14  

So you have plants now What else


Sarah Mae  17:20  

we got a new couch and got a rug. Got a table and chairs. The next thing I want to do is the entryway. That’s up next because it’s a mess. Really neat. Some organization. They’re


Melissa Byone  17:34  

really like the space behind you though.


Sarah Mae  17:41  

This is new.


Melissa Byone  17:43  

Since from what is that?


Sarah Mae  17:45  

It’s my new Harry Potter mugs and the Harry Potter store in New York.


Stephanie Nelb  17:50  

Oh, nice.


Melissa Byone  17:54  

I like what you said though,


Stephanie Nelb  17:55  

because, you know, yes, it’s about things and like, you know, to what I was saying earlier how like things can spark joy, but it’s also about the memories. And that’s like a huge part of what makes a home a home. So that’s awesome that you’re like starting to think through what are those memories that you’re starting to create in your new space? I love that.


Sarah Mae  18:19  

Yeah, I mean, the memories with Loki are like we never had him before. We didn’t care too. So everything else with him. Makes it that makes it special that makes it feel like home.


Melissa Byone  18:32  

I think. Yeah. I love plants. I think plants are a really good way for anyone to kind of like make something feel like there’s because you’re keeping that plant alive. trying, you know. Yeah, that’s one thing. I when we first moved here, I was like, I need some plants. I had like, almost a jungle amount in my last house. But we moved here. I didn’t have any. So they’ve slowly like crept their way. And you see a couple over there. I think that yeah, I love plants for that. And then just little things that you use every day, like a blanket on the couch makes it cozy, because everything like this is like a furnished rental that I’m in right now. And so I don’t really like need anything but like, have like a cozy blanket. And then like kind of like you said with like memories. I found a few pieces of artwork, like on the side of the street that I was like, that’s cool. I’m adding that to my house. So it’s like this cool memory that we have now. painting over there and looking over there. Yeah, I think that’s that’s really cool.


Sarah Mae  20:01  

I really like it when everything is like clean. Like, when I’ve gone like, you know, someone’s like coming over and like kicks you in the butt and you’re like, Oh, I gotta get this place clean for like guests to come over. And then once they leave, you’re like, Wow, this is so clean. I love that feeling. That’s what I’m like.


Melissa Byone  20:20  

Yeah, that kind of adds to my traveling stress. Because I think this was the thing that my mom always did when I was a kid is before we would leave the house, it would have to be like, clean and well put together so that when you come home, it’s like, fresh and things aren’t crazy and just strewn everywhere. So also part of this, like getting ready to travel stress is I don’t want everything to look nice when I come home. Yeah.


Stephanie Nelb  20:50  

Yeah, that’s tough. I’m the same way too. Yeah.


Sarah Mae  20:58  

At least not very good at that. ends up being more stressful. Yeah, cuz I feel like


Stephanie Nelb  21:07  

I feel like when you come home from a trip, like you already have so much to do anyways, in terms of unpacking, and you just want to shower and sleep a lot of the time. And so it just feels so nice when you can come home and like at least have fresh sheets and the house is clean. makes it so much better. Yeah.


Sarah Mae  21:28  

And you don’t want it to smell. Make sure the original everything is out.


Stephanie Nelb  21:36  

It’s a critical point. Yes. Totally. Well, I hope your travels go really well. And I hope you are feeling almost ready for your trip so that you can go enjoy it. Yeah,


Melissa Byone  21:52  

well just kind of sitting here chatting with you guys and not thinking about it for like 20 minutes. has relieved a little bit.


Sarah Mae  22:03  

So I think it’s good. I’m glad to hear that. Do you have any, like travel tips for things that you do to try maybe go smoothly? Besides cleaning the place before you


Melissa Byone  22:22  

travel tips? What well, we tend to take a night flight when we’re headed to the mainland, just because it’s so long it takes up the whole day anyways, so we will literally like lay even I think our flight leaves at eight. So we’re like planning the afternoon, early evening as like as if it’s night. So we’ll take a shower, we’ll have dinner we’ll take a shower, like be like, just about ready for bed like not use any screens are like blue light and plan to like, Oh, also skipping the meal on the plane that they’re gonna give us. Yeah, we don’t really eat them anyways, but like not having that that my body feels like it’s time to go to bed at 830 So hopefully I’ll get some sleep tonight on the plane. Even though I don’t have the lay down seats, that’s how I can sleep sitting up. That’s one kind of hack I guess. I’m trying something new this time. Nothing super special. But I am bringing my own extension cord because I have so many gadgets that all like some are USB and some are regular like plug so I’m bringing my own extension cord with like three USB things and three spots for like a normal plug. Because there’s never enough outlets and like a hotel room for all of my things so I’m trying not this time Nice. Sounds like a good strategy. Yeah. What are your travel tips? I


Stephanie Nelb  24:21  

think for me a big one going back to like that anxiety you feel when you’re in the airport like trying to get to your flight for those that or I think just those that are in the US but I have TSA PreCheck Canada and so that line is always shorter, and it just reduces my stress so significantly when I’m starting my travels


Melissa Byone  24:44  

100% TSA Pre


Sarah Mae  24:46  

Yeah. Yeah, even coming back from New York. It was like the pre check was like two minutes to go through the security because it told you the timings and then the rate like regular standard going was like an hour Oh my gosh. Wow. Yeah, yeah,


Stephanie Nelb  25:04  

it’s wild. How much a difference in me Yeah.


Melissa Byone  25:07  

Yeah, the next thing on my list is like, global to call global, global and Global Entry or clear. Love to get clear


Stephanie Nelb  25:21  

Yeah, I need to look into that. That definitely seems like the new direction they’re starting to push you in instead of TSA PreCheck


Melissa Byone  25:27  

Yeah, and I think they’re gonna fit now we’re I think is the the one where it scans your eyes and there’s a concierge. skip all the line. Oh, okay. Clear. People are fancy


Sarah Mae  25:39  

nouns. No. Does Charlie sleep on the plane?


Melissa Byone  25:45  

Sometimes Sometimes he does. Sometimes he’s just like, sitting like sitting in panting like the whole time just like


Sarah Mae  25:59  

this sometimes. This is


Melissa Byone  26:03  

not a good call. I think we talked about Charlie and I took him on a walk um, what are your travel tips Sarah?


Sarah Mae  26:22  

Well, I am traveling is so different. Now. The dog. I tried to put him in, like, like leave it as long as possible before we had to like actually put them in the carrier. And worked really well. I brought like a really long like those like, esophagus, it’s like, flattened out doing which you think is like this this long. So I can like give it to him without reaching down. Because, like, helps if I hold it for him he hits it makes it easier for him to like get it


TSA PreCheck is probably the best. I always brought like, socks to the plane, take my shoes off, and then just wear my socks everywhere for the whole time on the plane. And then I like ticked them off. And now those are like, fold them in, like dirty planes again, but I just feel uncomfortable. I shoes. Yeah, and I have a pillow that I bought. I don’t remember where but it blows up. And it’s long like this. Like, like, really well.


Stephanie Nelb  27:47  

I will say on the sock trend. I don’t do it all the time. Like in the summer, I feel like it’s harder to do. But I’ll try and wear compression socks on the plane. Because it’s better for your circulation. And I think I don’t really have the problem as much. But some people will have the problem of just like the blood rushing to their feet on planes and their feet kind of swelling up a little bit. And it’s just uncomfortable. So just to prevent any possibility of that to try and wear compression socks. And then I drink so much water on a regular basis. And there’s never enough like they don’t give you enough on the plane. So I typically bring two water bottles with me. And I’ll fill them once they get through security. And then that way I know that I have like a pretty decent amount of water to go off of for my plane ride. And I have the aisle seat most of the time if you’re wondering.


Melissa Byone  28:49  

I have easy access. Yes, yes. Yeah, I always bring my Yeti. I’ll usually have it full before I leave. And my goal is to drink it all before and also have ice because most of the time TSA will let you through with ice. Oh, not always. But most of the time, they’ll let you through with ice if you like about the water. Let’s see. I also ask I only order sparkling water that’s the only thing that I get from them. Coffee is like a total no no on the plane ever clean that make her out. Um, so I’ll ask them for like the whole can if it’s like a big flight they’ll usually give you like a full can if you ask especially with water and sometimes I just asked for an extra can if it’s like kind of nighttime and they’re not going to be up and down so much. So yeah. Life tip there Skip the snacks because they’re terrible for you.