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Zelena Rivera

Zelena is a Human Potential Coach with over 10 years of experience in the wellness industry. Her focus is working with people that want to abandon goals set by others and courageously pursue their own dreams.

She’s a single mother to 2 teenagers, and enjoys outdoor activities, especially boating. She studies yoga and other spiritual practices which helps her guide her clients no matter where they are on their journey.

Her main goal is to be of service to others, helping them achieve wellness, empowerment, joyous interpersonal relations, savvy decision-making skills, to find and embrace their path to happy and productive lives.

Jillian Heron

Jillian Heron is a Human Potential Coach who focuses on bringing mind, body, and spirit into synchronicity.

She has over a decade of experience working with individuals of all ages and stages of development, and brings understanding of how our life’s story influences where we are today. Jillian has a grounded presence that assists others in fully tuning into the “now”, which supports finding new, empowered ways of being, doing, and moving forward.

In holding space for those experiencing small blockages to full psycho/spiritual crises, Jillian has witnessed that, when held with care, every challenge is an opportunity for profound transformation.

Eric Johnson

Eric works as a software engineer for Shopify, and raises blueberries and help his family manage farmland in Iowa, so he uses those contexts to help ask insightful questions to evoke awareness about your own related topics.

Apart from that, He volunteers with Citizens’ Climate Lobby which meets with Democrats and Republicans to move climate change legislation ahead.

The listening skills and expanded worldview he has learned from CCL and the coaching skills he has learned from the Human Potential Institute make him adept at helping you move ahead with most any goal or topic.

Josephine Tremblay

Josephine is a whole-person coach and is known for her intuitive, calm, non-judgemental approach.

With over a decade as a Chaplain, and working alongside organizations centred around supporting individuals through some of the most difficult things in life, Josephine is poised to come alongside you to see you move from being stuck, stagnant, or struggling to a place where you now flourish.

She will work with you to move through and forward to a place of greater awareness, potential, and overall well-being. She believes there is no better time than now!

Sophee Payne

Sophee is a Career Counsellor & Coach that can take you from not even knowing where you want to go to the career of your dreams.

She is certified in Career Development Coaching with Holistic Coaching Academy and life coaching with a focus on career with the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology. ​She specializes in helping people like you find direction in their career and carry out what it takes to get there.

Sophee is passionate about her purpose: to help other’s find theirs. She knows her clients have the possibility to love their work, impact the world, and still make money for the lifestyle they want.

Sarah Mae Abji-Endicott

Sarah Mae is a Mindful Productivity Coach based in Vancouver, Canada.

She is co-founder of the Best Life Coach Collective, an ex-high school teacher, and certified Human Potential Coach.

After going from extremely burnt-out educator to coach, Sarah now helps busy entrepreneurs yearning for biz+life balance create more energy, time, and focus, so they can work less and play more.

Stephanie Nelb

Steph is a Mindset & Life Coach that helps clients envision and reach their goals.

In addition to life coach training, she has 10+ experience of setting and achieving breakthrough goals, and continues to constantly learn the latest strategies for living your best life.

She helps clients shift their mindsets, establish habits that stick, and define action plans to live happier, more fulfilled lives. In helping you UPLEVEL, she hopes you will then create more good in the world; creating a ripple effect of goodness.

Melissa Byone

Melissa is a Life & Wellness Coach that is known for her calm spirit and effective approach.

She brings 10 years of corporate brand-building experience to helping her clients define their purpose and to live life with intentionality.

In a coaching engagement, she encourages and empowers her clients to achieve their goals, realize their potential, and upgrade their mind, body, and energy.

Disclaimer: Please note that while our coaches have been through a rigorous application process to join the Collective, each coach listed is an independent operator unaffiliated with the Best Life Coach Collective. Best Life Coach Collective does not control or direct any of the services provided by the Coaches, and thus cannot be held liable or responsible for their advice, recommendations or actions.

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