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Zelena Rivera

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Human Potential Coach (Human Potential Institute)

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From an early age I knew there was more to life than 9 to 5 jobs and paying bills, as that’s what I saw all around me and still no one was truly happy. So, I embarked on a quest to find my joy, something I could do that would make me and those around me happy. During that journey, I would share what I learned with friends and family and realized that I enjoyed helping others overcome this same thought by empowering them to choose their destiny.

I can help you...
Find your purpose, create new habits, get the motivation to move forward, and gain clarity on your values so that they may guide you to live the life you always dreamed of.
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Some of my favorite activities are done outdoors, going to the beach and parks, boating, hiking, and visiting botanical gardens. I meditate, follow yoga principles and practice asana every week as it helps me stay grounded and to deal with life’s challenges.


I’ve been working with Zelena for only 3 months and have already accomplished so much. She has helped me ground in my thoughts and ideas. She has asked me the right questions on how I can see and overcome my obstacles. It is great to have someone supporting you on the other side and someone that listens and helps you see where blocks may be.


Zelena has also shared some great resources to help me as I have been looking for ways to present myself publicly, as well as time management and organization. It has been a pleasure working with Zelena and I’m glad we will continue on this journey as I have much more that I would like to do.


Krista M. – Intuitive Healer, Yoga Teacher

I never realized how much I needed a spiritual and wellness coach, especially one as skilled and knowledgeable as Zelena. She has facilitated my journey of self-improvement through new and fresh wellness practices, techniques, and diets. With her soothing presence, she has guided me through some low points in my life and I will forever be grateful to my spiritual therapist.


Cristie A.

Zelena coached me through some difficult situations and helped me to find solutions where before, I was only finding obstacles. She helped me to identify and utilize the tools and resources that still continue to propel me toward achieving my goals.

Our sessions have been tremendous and Zelena’s experience with breathing techniques and wellness kept me grounded when I would otherwise have become overwhelmed by the emotions that came up during our coaching sessions.


After working with Zelena for just a few sessions, I’ve experienced improvements in my relationships and I now have a better handle on my work priorities. There will always be more improvements to be made and I’m truly grateful that Zelena is here to coach me through them.

Ada-Luz Rivera, CPA, CGMA

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