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Sophee Payne

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I am certified in Career Development Coaching with Holistic Coaching Academy and life coaching with a focus on career with the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.

Type of Sessions:
My Coaching Style Is...

Compassionate, Curious, Empowering, and Client Centred.

I became a coach because...

I know what it is like to feel stuck and not have anyone be able to help. I know firsthand the importance of clarity about where you are going.

When I found that for myself, I dedicated my life to helping others realize their dreams instead of feeling like they are in a kind of nightmare.

I have origins as a high-achieving nerd and I excelled in my first career, but true fulfillment come from helping others overcome what I did.

I can help you...

Get from not knowing where you want to go to the career of your dreams.


I can help you figure out what it is you want with crystal clear clarity, and then help with the transition to turning your dream into a reality.


I have helped clients get better jobs, start businesses, change their company culture, learn how to package what they have to offer, feel confident in their decisions, let go of anxiety and much more.


In the end, I support my clients while they achieve their career goals in ways they never knew were possible.

How I'm living my BEST life...

Everyday I wakeup excited to start my day, especially on Mondays. That’s when I can get back to coaching.


When I am not coaching or running the business side of things, I am almost certifiably obsessed with learning about opportunities for personal development. Much of my time is spent reading or taking courses about behavioral science, positive psychology, or enhancing human performance. I am equally obsessed with sharing my knowledge as I am in collecting it, and the science of teaching others in the most effective way fascinates me.


To stay active, I train in martial arts and hike around the Greater Vancouver area. I create art as a hobby, although you may be able to find my work on Etsy occasionally.


At the end of most summer days, I walk to the beach and meet my friends to swim, share stories, and laugh off any stress from the day. The winter brings my companions and me to more cozy bars with warm drinks. My best life is the life I live now: I love my work and its impact on others, I have time to pursue my hobbies, and I make time to connect to people who are important to me.


In the beginning of our session, I was very apprehensive. I did not know what I was looking for or what I wanted to change. Through the journey, I explored more about who I was and what were the characteristics that defined me. I also identified what I wanted and learnt to achieve it. I have become more self aware and confident. I have also learnt to not be afraid of the future but look forward to it. I also had an issue regarding making informed decisions and I believe it has also been resolved.”

– S. Ramkumar

My overall goal was to get a new job that was more aligned with me, and I got it! Sophee supported me with co-creating actionable items, and then being accountable to them really helped in taking steps towards my goal. The coaching definitely helped me focus on breaking down abstract goals into something more tangible and approachable, identifying the gap between where I am and where I want to be, and keeping a positive mindset throughout the whole process. I’ll certainly be more positive about myself and my value. I have a tendency to skew negative, and the coaching experience helped me realize how doing so can be more self-sabotaging than anything else. I spend so much time thinking about “what if things don’t go well;” it helped to have someone counter “but what if they do?

– Emil Yan

In just one session, Sophee allowed me to come to certain realizations that I couldn’t have come to on my own. Sophee is incredibly easy to talk to and that made me feel relaxed and at ease, even when I felt tense talking about the root cause of my fear of failure. She was also perceptive to my body language while I was talking about certain thoughts, which I can imagine isn’t the easiest thing to do over Zoom. Through her questions, we were able to find a good memory I had that I didn’t realize I could utilize. It is very clear Sophee knows what she is doing and she is doing a fantastic job!

– Nur Awad

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