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Josephine Tremblay | I Flourish Coaching

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Human Potential Coach (Human Potential Institute)


Type of Sessions:
My Coaching Style Is...

Non-Judgmental, Intuitive, Empathetic, Empowering, Presence.

I became a coach because...

Throughout my own journey in life, I have learned that we are not meant to do this alone.


Somewhere along the way many of us have lost or never had a strong support system or community to come around us. It’s so important to be connected, challenged and loved through all of what life brings.


Life can sure pack a wallop, and it’s incredible what happens when someone comes alongside you in those moments of being stuck and struggling.


I know what it feels like to truly be seen, heard, and valued just as I am; that is what I want to give you. I want to see the person in front of me better off than when I found them. It is my firm belief that as we become more whole, more healthy, and more authentically ourselves, this world is going to be a better, brighter, and more beautiful place!


That is a world I want to see!

I can help you...

I partner with an individual in bringing greater awareness of self, support goal achievement, and upgrading the whole person. The best part is there is so much possibility and potential in you, let’s discover and flourish together!

How I'm living my BEST life...

Living my best life looks like cultivating greater awareness of my internal world, gratitude, and continual curiosity. I love to learn, explore, and grow whether that is outside in nature, diving into a book, or trying something for the very first time. Living my life to the fullest is a deep desire and commitment to self!


Before working with Josie I was very overwhelmed. I felt like my “sight” was blocked by all of the options, variables, what-if scenarios that were in front of me. I knew that there might be a bigger question that I needed to answer but I was not sure how to find it or start that process.


Josie was an amazing coach who helped me find the ultimate question and encouraged me to create a path toward finding the answer.


She radiates positivity and possibility in her body language, tone of voice, and responsiveness to her clients. She truly guides her clients to their own answers and allows them to create a safe, purposeful space with her. I felt completely comfortable with her and like I could finally hand over some of my vulnerability and fear of judgment.


Josie will make a positive impact on anyone she works with. I highly recommend working with her!

~ Laura S

I was feeling pretty lost and like there was a lot of inner violence going on with self-image and body image in particular. I tried having routines in place where I was taking care of myself, showing myself that I was consistent and able to follow through, hoping that would build enough self-trust to turn the tide.


Josephine completely steps into your pain and confusion with you without being swallowed by it. It’s very important to her that she empowers you to find the answers, instead of handing you the ones she thinks makes sense. She is fully present and has compassion without feeding into any victim mentality. It’s a beautiful balance.


I would definitely recommend her and IFlourish Coaching to anyone who is feeling stuck or tangled up in their own emotions or thoughts, and wants to find a different way of being.

~ Camila H.

I was feeling a tad lost, unimportant, unseen, and a tad chaotic. Trying different strategies on my own were unsuccessful. I wasn’t sure if I would benefit or enjoy coaching. But you have a wholistic approach incorporating the entire body as well as being very attentive and practical.

~ Nicole W.

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