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Eric Johnson

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Human Potential Coach (Human Potential Institute)

Type of Sessions:
My Coaching Style Is...

Client-focused, recognizes the humor in situations, humble.

I became a coach because...

I’ve always wanted to help people by sharing the information and ideas I have, but coaching has helped me learn that the best way to help people is by helping them explore the ideas and information that’s already inside them.

I can help you...

My speciality is coaching software developers as I have 15 years of experience in that field.

I’m especially excited about helping people move into the field of coding as it’s a great career.

My coaching style is gentle and sprinkled with humor.

To me, being coached is the only way to really reach your potential… every session reveals surprising insights for the client that would have gone undiscovered.


I don’t think I would have come to the conclusion that I don’t feel proud to work at my current company without us having these conversations. I don’t think I would have at least outwardly said it.

~ Lyndsay G.

Eric was my coach for about 3 months. We met every other week. Eric excellently navigated me through tasks like my physical health and habits. I would share what was pressing in my thoughts, and Eric would ask good open-ended questions to help me better understand myself.

Furthermore, my big and final goal was to understand a potential career shift. Eric helped me better understand what matters most to me and pointed me in some great directions. He ultimately helped me uncover my deepest desire and value of teaching others, and will continue to seek out strategies to best utilize that strength and vision of mine.

~ Dave N.

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