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Choosing a Coaching Niche in 2023


As Seth Godin once said, “When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one”.

That’s why choosing a coaching niche and knowing exactly who you’re talking to is the only way to have success as a coach. In order to discover what that is for you, we’ve compiled this walkthrough to get you started.

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Choosing a Coaching Niche in 2023

How to Pick Your Coaching Niche:

1) Explore your interests

What aspects of your life do you enjoy the most? Where do you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others? Do people come to you for advice on a certain topic? Use these questions to uncover any interests you have that could be translated into a coaching niche.

Perhaps you have always enjoyed being active and eating healthy and friends ask you how you do it. This might be an indication that becoming a health coach could be right for you. You could teach clients your framework on how you stick to your workout routine, how you make it enjoyable, and support them as they do the same.

2) Consider problems you have overcome

All of us have our own unique experiences that made us who we are today. It is very likely that you’ve overcome a challenge (or two or three) that someone else may be currently struggling to overcome. Explore which of these challenges could be interesting for you and something you feel confident helping others in.

3) Get specific

Once you have ideas on who or how you may help clients, start detailing out your offer. What specifically will you provide them through the coaching journey? How will they feel before and after the coaching relationship? Get really specific about the problem you’re solving in this exercise.

For example, a financial coach may help individuals who have always struggled with money, never have enough of it, and don’t know how to budget. By the end of their journey together, the client will have a healthier view of money, feel excited and happy about the money they DO have and feel confident in keeping their money and their ability to make more of it.

Top Coaching Niches in 2023

Consider one of the most profitable coaching niches as you choose which coaching niche is right for you.

1. Executive coach

This high-impact coach works exclusively with company executives to help them improve their work performance and ensure a balance with their personal lives.

2. Business coach

This coach will be similar to an executive coach but more so geared towards entrepreneurs and business owners who want to reach their full potential in their business.

3. Marketing coach

A marketing coach is an expert in the field who helps entrepreneurs with this skill set so that they can increase their own success and know how to build this skill set for themselves going forward.

4. Relationship coach

For anyone that has ever struggled in or with relationships, this one is for you. Relationship coaches help individuals clarify what they want and need in a partner, explore how or where to find those types of people, and instill confidence in their clients throughout the process.

5. Sales coach

If your business isn’t selling, then it won’t be very successful. Similar to a marketing coach, a sales coach is also an expert in their respective field and helps clients build strategies to improve their sales and establish good processes and practices to sustain this success in the long run.

6. Spiritual coach

A spiritual coach helps clients explore their purpose and their overall place in the world. This can be extremely impactful in elevating the quality of one’s life and discovering a mission that helps one thrive.

7. Life coach

A life coach is the general umbrella in which we see all of these other niches. But the fact that life coach reaches #7 on this list goes to show that you can still be successful branding yourself as a life coach, but it does not change the fact that you need to be clear on the problem you’re solving for a specific type of person.

8. Health coach

This one is for those aiming to live a healthier life. A health coach will help clients identify healthy habits that are specific and attainable for the individual. A health coach should NOT be providing diets or advice on health conditions; consult a dietician or healthcare provider for that information.

9. Financial coach

Please note that financial coaches do not always have a financial education and they should not be giving advice on specific investments; consult a certified financial planner for that instead. However, a financial coach can help those who struggle with money to create a better mindset around money and build skills like budgeting.

10. Career coach

Our last coach on this list plays a really important role in helping clients discover careers that make them happy. Topics could include defining work/life balance, exploring a new career path, or assisting in a job search.

Final Thoughts on Choosing a Coaching Niche in 2023

Ultimately, the right coaching niche for you may evolve over time.

As you gain experience, you may decide to shift who you help and what problem you solve for them.

We recommend just choosing what feels best right now and adjusting as you go. Many new coaches fail to pick a niche and miss out on potential clients since talking to everyone in your marketing means you’re really not talking to anyone.

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