Welcome to the Best Life (Coach) Podcast, where we’re on a mission to inspire and share tools you can use today to optimize your body, your relationships, your career, and ultimately live your Best Life.

In this episode, we’re introducing our podcast hosts Melissa Byone, Stephanie Nelb, and Sarah Mae. As co-founders of the Best Life Coach Collective, they’re on a mission to de-stigmatize the coaching industry and build a community that both inspires and informs.

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The Best Life (Coach) Podcast



Sarah Mae 0:00
Are you ready to live your best life? Then you’re in the right place.

Melissa Byone 0:08
Welcome to the best life coach podcast, where we discuss how you can live your best life.

Stephanie Nelb 0:14
Brought to you by the cofounders of the Best Life Coach Collective.

Sarah Mae 0:17
We started as three strangers hacking our lives to become our best selves.

Melissa Byone 0:21
And we met as we each embarked on a journey to share our knowledge as certified human potential coaches

Sarah Mae 0:28
bonded by our desire to destigmatize the life coaching industry.

Melissa Byone 0:32
We noticed that there aren’t enough legit resources for people to connect with certified life coaches and choose the best fit for themselves.

Stephanie Nelb 0:40
So we decided that building a coach collective and community would enable us to reach our ultimate shared goal of helping everyone reach their highest potential and live their best life.

Melissa Byone 0:51
As they say, it takes a village

Stephanie Nelb 0:53
Now, welcome to yours.

Melissa Byone 0:55
Hey, guys, welcome to our first podcast. I’m so excited to be here with my two best friends. I’d love to introduce you first. Let’s start off with Sarah.

Sarah Mae 1:07
Yes. Hi, thank you. I am so excited to be here with you all finally, starting this podcast. My name is Sarah Mae from risewithsmae.com. And I’m a peak performance coach. I help busy entrepreneurs that are struggling with work/life balance, create more time and energy while clarifying what matters most so that they can finally have a life outside of work. Before I became a life coach, I was a high school teacher. An extremely burnt-out high school teacher. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was a high school teacher that coined the term burnout. But juggling all the responsibilities of teaching like 200 plus students, and then adding a business to the side was an extremely daunting task. So I had to really dial in the strategies and tools to create work/life balance for myself. And now I’m extremely happy to be helping other people, especially busy entrepreneurs, build work/life balance through productivity, as well as mastering time and really managing their energy and knowing what priorities to set. Stephanie, how about you?

Stephanie Nelb 2:15
But I’m Steph Nelb. I’m a certified life coach based in Boston, Massachusetts, and I help clients uplevel their lives all over the United States. So I specifically help women afraid of putting themselves out there find happiness, manifest self growth, and achieve their goals through mindset shifts and stickball habits. I significantly improved the quality of my own life to be happier, more fulfilled and confident in forging my own path. And now I help others do the same. Melissa, I’ll kick it over to you.

Melissa Byone 2:48
Hey, guys, I’m Melissa Byone on a certified life coach and marketing expert based in Honolulu, Hawaii. I spent most of my life doing what I thought I was supposed to do. Until a friend asked me what I really wanted out of life, and I didn’t have a good answer. Since then, I’ve embarked on a journey to get to know myself and discover and pursue exactly what I want. So now I spend my time doing work that I’m passionate about. And that means helping others go out and get what they want. Whether it’s pursuing a side hustle that brings them joy, or just optimizing their life to make the most of each moment. I am on a mission to help every person I meet, wake up feel good and be excited for every day of their lives. So with that, we are the best life coach collective. Sarah, would you like to tell our fabulous people what that actually is?

Sarah Mae 3:46
Yeah, absolutely. So we’re a collective of life coaches on a mission to destigmatize the life coaching industry and really builds community that both inspires and informs life coaching is often thought of as like “wooey”, or some knockoff form of therapy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like hiring a basketball coach or a swim coach. Hiring a life coach is so important when you want to accelerate your success in life. But the most important part of the process, however, is selecting the right coach for you. That means someone that understands you, that understands and can identify maybe with your background, what you’ve been through and knows how to help your unique situation. And we all know that the internet is super flooded with life coaches these days, but we don’t think it has to be [so hard to find a best-fit coach] so BLCC coaches are spread out all across North America with a wide range of skills and abilities. And all of our coaches are certified and vetted by us so that if you find a coach through our directory, we know that you’ll be getting someone that you can trust.

Stephanie Nelb 4:53
Yeah, so for those of you wondering what life coaching is, it’s a client-centered partnership and the International Coaching Federation. defines it as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. So a professional coach is not a mentor, nor a consultant, nor a therapist, nor an advisor. And we believe that the answers are already within you. And we’re just here to help you unlock them. And so Melissa, would you love to tell the audience what this podcast is about?

Melissa Byone 5:28
Yeah. So we created this podcast to be a place where we can support our community and living their very best life. We’ll be talking about life coaching, what it means for you what it means for the greater world around you. Wellness, how to live your best life, authenticity, how to show up everyday growth, a growth mindset. Just becoming that person that you’ve always wanted to be connecting with others and then about our community at large. Our hope is really to help destigmatize the coaching industry, to make it more approachable, and to inspire you and others, and have fun, and each podcast will feature a different topic relevant to living your best life. We’ll have different guests on and we’ll exchange hosting. And we’ll just be here telling you guys all about how we’re living our best lives and showing you how you can live yours. So with that, Sarah, how are you living your best life this week?

Sarah Mae 6:37
Thank you! Living my best life really looks like keeping everything in balance. So I wake up, I have my self-care morning routine, which always includes sitting down and having my cup of coffee staring outside the window at the gorgeous view that I have of the Vancouver skyline. And then also in the evenings making a delicious meal for me and my husband and just being in the moment and enjoying life as it is right now. Steph, how about you?

Stephanie Nelb 7:07
Sounds really lovely. So for me, I’ve been living my best life this week by saying goodbye to a job that is no longer serving me. And just moving on to my next step. Yeah. So this new journey is going to allow me to continue growing and also have the lifestyle that I want all at the same time. So really just continuing to, to uplevel my life bit by bit, and super excited about it. Melissa, what about you?

Melissa Byone 7:39
I’ve had the best week, you guys. My parents were in town, and I got to take them around Honolulu and show them all my favorite beaches. And I’d have to say one of my favorite things was just spending quality time with them. As an adult, you kind of like, have a different relationship with your parents. So just sitting around the table, like talking about life and politics and all the things was wonderful and a really great experience and I feel even closer to my parents now.

Sarah Mae 8:13
Love that.

Melissa Byone 8:17
Thanks. So we want to hear from you guys. Tell us what you think about the podcast. Leave us a review. SUBSCRIBE. Anything else you guys want to say before we sign off for this week?

Sarah Mae 8:30
No, just keep living your Best Life!

Stephanie Nelb 8:33
Yeah, thanks for joining us and we hope to see you here again soon. I’ll see you next time.

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