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Raise your profile, finally attract clients, and connect with a community of like-minded coaches making an impact.

Hey Coach!

We know you and your big heart entered this industry to help people live their Best Life.

You got your coaching certification, mastered excellent coaching skills, and now you’re ready to start making a difference…

Only right now you're...

You just want to focus on coaching...

But it’s like you need to be an expert in everything in order to make it work! Expert coach. Expert website builder and designer. Copywriter. SEO specialist. Social Media/Email Marketing Guru… You can’t yet afford to invest in paying people for all of the things – you have to figure them out on your own.

Except, what if you don't?

What if you had somewhere you could start generating leads without having your website up and running yet? What if you had people running ads for you? What if you had a community of coaches you could collaborate with, practice with, and get feedback from?
It’s all inside the Best Life Coach Collective.
Join the Coach Collective


Does it have to be so HARD?

You’ve been working your butt off​ trying to create content and “an online presence”, but coming up with topics and being consistent is a real challenge. Or maybe you’ve been avoiding it altogether (does anyone really enjoy making REELs?)

You’ve downloaded every free resource you could get your hands on about starting a coaching business, now you’re sifting through hundreds of SPAM emails every day.

You’re overwhelmed and confused by all the business coaches and course offers promising you fast results. Maybe you've even done some of them, increasing your guilt over not making money yet.

At the end of the day, you find yourself wondering where the time went! ​ Everything takes 10x longer than you planned and you're feeling stuck, despite doing the work.​

Maybe you aren’t cut out for this business? ​

Shouldn't you have been able to figure it out by now? You’ve considered throwing in the towel​​ more than once...

BLCC Co-Founders | Marketing for Coaches

We've Been There Too!

Hey There!

We are the Best Life Coach Collective. Our team consists of three co-founders: Stephanie Nelb, Melissa Byone, and Sarah Mae.

Like you, when we finished our training we suddenly felt lost in a sea of coach business jargon. We know how easy it is to just throw in the towel.

Luckily we had each other. Our regular strategy calls kept us motivated and moving forward – three minds are better than one!

Talking to other coaches who were feeling alone and isolated in their businesses, we decided to extend our little community of three and start the BLCC.

We quickly realized what a dream team we are. Stephanie brings her experience as a project manager, Melissa brings her experience in the marketing and advertising industry, while Sarah brings her experience as an educator and branding specialist.  

We are here to help you get your business going so you can focus on coaching now! The rest can come later.

No more trying to do it all yourself and figure it all out at once. We will help you set up a BLCC profile, and do your marketing for you.

We’ve found strength in numbers and know that support is essential to success, we’ll be here to keep you accountable in your business every step of the way!

I chose to join the Best Life Coach Collective because I get to connect with like-minded, value-driven coaches and have a network to refer to that I trust.
Sophee Payne Career Coach & Counsellor
Sophee Payne
Career Counselor & Coach

Ready to stop feeling alone and overwhelmed with your biz?!

As a BLCC Coach Member you'll...


With a full-page listing in our public Find a Coach Directory and a high converting sales landing page that you can edit anytime (essentially a one page website you can share with potential clients). Plus opportunities to be featured on our blog, social media, and podcast platforms to increase your brand awareness and credibility.


Gain more traffic and leads through paid advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram DONE FOR YOU by industry professionals. Plus Search engine optimization (SEO) and local listings.


Connect with like-minded coaches, in our Monthly Mastermind Calls to uplift and support each other through monthly strategy calls, co-working sessions, and accountability challenges. Plus gain access to our members-only Facebook Community.

With lots more to come as we grow together!


BLCC "Find a Coach" Directory Listing & Profile

$347 Value

As soon as you join, you’ll have the opportunity to create your BLCC "Find a Coach" directory listing and profile page. This listing includes your headshot, coaching specialties, bio, external social media links, testimonials and more! We actively promote our directory, which means it's a great way to increase your brand awareness and credibility.

Personalized High Converting Sales Page

$1,499 Value

An easy "fill in the blank" Sales Landing Page that you can use to create and launch your first offer with zero code! This modern and minimalist template uses no complicated back-end (you just fill out a form that automatically populates your page), and links directly to your Calendly so clients can book a discovery call with you!

Guest Blog & Podcast Opportunities

$2,530+ Value

Guest blogging helps you build authority as a coach. The more quality content you get out there, the more people trust you and your brand. All of your BLCC published articles will be displayed on your profile page.

VIP members will also have the opportunity to be a guest on our Podcast!

Social Media Shoutouts

$1,100+ Value

Spotlight features on our social media accounts will help you increase brand awareness and reach new audiences!

Promote Your Affiliation With the BLCC


Community members in good standing are able to display The BLCC Coach badge on their marketing materials, adding an extra layer of credibility.

Done for you advertising (Premium & VIP)

$800 - $3,200+ Value

Gain more traffic through paid advertising done for you on Google, Facebook, and Instr. As a Premium Member our industry professionals will promote you through group advertising campaigns alongside other BLCC Coaches. As a VIP Member we go one step further and promote you in dedicated ads that feature only you!

BLCC Coach Mastermind (Premium & VIP)

$2,800+ Value

Community support through Strategy Calls, Mindset Sessions, Co-working Sessions, and Accountability Challenges. The BLCC Coach Mastermind is an opportunity to expand your network, gain valuable feedback, and stop feeling so alone in your biz.


$197 Value

Let's be honest, this business can be super lonely, especially when there's no one in your "real life" who gets it. This growing community is a place to network with like-minded coaches and meet your new biz besties!

Local Search Listings

$500 Value

Local search listings in search engine directories (Google, Bing, etc.) to help you connect with people searching for coaching services in your area. Your name will also be visible across our location listings in all of our member cities!

*Included values in your membership will vary based on your chosen membership level.


The qualities you have, the skills you’ve refined, and the perspectives you’ve honed are completely unique to YOU. The World Needs You To Do YOUR Thing… Because nobody else can. 

Choose a Plan That is Right for You

*Proof of certification from an ICF-accredited provider is required for all memberships.

*All prices are in USD, payment plans available at checkout.

This is for you if....

This is NOT for you if....

BLCC Coach Membership​ is the first-of-its-kind program to include:
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Our most frequent questions and answers

While we cannot guarantee leads, we set you up with a sales page with a template proven to get results, and all of our coaches to date have seen significant traffic to their site as a result of our advertising on your behalf.

In order to uphold the integrity of the coaching profession, and our brand, we only accept coaches that have completed an ICF-accredited course. This ensures all our coaches have gone through a rigorous program, demonstrating an understanding of the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. 

We require that all our coaches offer a free discovery call that can be booked via a directly embedded Calendly Calendar on your profile or sales page. You will just need to supply the link!

Call days and times vary, and you will be provided with the call schedule upon account approval.

Your satisfaction is important to us, however, due to the nature of this product and service we do not offer refunds or cancellations within the first 12 months of BLCC Membership. 

Being a member of the Collective has It has motivated me to follow through with writing blogs and social media posts. A 1-person business can at times feel isolating, so being in community just feels comforting and supportive.
Jillian Heron - BLCC Coach
Jillian Heron
Embodied Presence Coaching
Being a BLCC Coach has motivated me to keep trying. I am excited to connect with like-minded colleagues, and sharing ideas. Love what you all are doing... Keep it up!
Zelena Rivera - BLCC Coach
Zelena Rivera
Life Coach

Our aim is to foster an environment in our paid programs and free community where everyone feels valued, supported and inspired to achieve their business goals. This includes providing opportunity and access for all people across differences of race, age, color, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, migratory status, disability/abilities, and socioeconomic background. We actively invest in our own learning to help us build an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, equitable, inclusive company. We believe Black Lives Matter. We stand for LGBTQIA+ rights. We do not believe that the world is flat or that Covid doesn’t exist. We invite you to join our community if you share these values!

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