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We're the Best Life Coach Collective Team

The BLCC Team consists of three co-founders Stephanie Nelb, Melissa Byone & Sarah Mae. We met while taking our coaching certification, and after it was done, we continued to meet regularly to strategize and connect.
So, when we started to hear other coaches talk about how isolated they felt while trying to figure out their coaching biz, we decided that we would open our little circle up to build a community where we can all support and uplift each other in building our businesses.
We’re thrilled you’re here!
BLCC Co-Founders | Marketing for Coaches

As coaches ourselves we understand all the new coach feels...

Is it supposed to be this hard?!

Good News!! It doesn't have to be!​

Can you do it all by yourself? Absolutely! Here’s the truth… Building a brand, a website, and a sales process is not rocket science – you are more than capable. But it is going to take you 10 times as long to get started actually coaching. Not only do you have a steep learning curve, but the steps take time. Before you know it you’re going to have spent a year creating a website with no clients to show for it!

Can you just hire someone to do it all for you? Of course you can! But it’s expensive when you’re not even making money yet, and you’re not going to learn anything. 

This is why we created our Coach Membership Program. We’ll get you started with a BLCC Profile, Sales Page, and “done for you” advertising, then teach you how to do it all yourself (or effectively outsource) when you’re ready! 


Who are we? Get to Know Us!

Melissa Byone

Based in Honolulu, HI, USA, Melissa is a Marketing Consultant, Strategist, and certified Human Potential Coach who helps both individuals and brands grow authentically in business and life. 

Our in-house marketing specialist, Melissa brings 10 years of marketing and brand-building experience having helped over 120+ brands grow online.

“My passion is working with clients to build brand strategies that align with business goals and execute thoughtful, measurable, and effective campaigns.”

BLCC Co-founder Melissa Byone
BLCC Co-founder Sarah Mae

Sarah Mae

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Sarah is a Mindful Productivity Coach, ex-high school teacher, certified Human Potential Coach, Lifebook Leader, WordPress developer, and branding expert (what a mouthful!). 

A multi-talented badass, she’s our in-house graphic designer, web developer, podcast producer, and copywriter! 

“My goal with the Best Life Coach Collective is to help new coaches navigate the yawning gap that exists between finishing your certification and actually having a successful business. Less trial and error, more results.”

Stephanie Nelb​

Based out of Boston, MA, USA, Steph is a product management leader, expert goal achiever, certified Human Potential Coach, and action sports enthusiast.

As our resident Mindset & Habits Coach, Steph helps BLCC Coaches shift their mindsets, establish habits that stick, and execute action plans to grow their businesses. 

“I’ve envisioned and executed countless business plans both in my product and coaching careers. I bring these skills and a holistic view into helping coaches do the same for their own business.”

BLCC Co-founder Stephanie Nelb

BLCC Coach Membership

Get the support and accountability you need to market your business, raise your profile, and finally attract clients while connecting with a community of like-minded coaches making an impact.

"Being a member of The Best Life Coach Collective has motivated me to follow through with writing blogs and social media posts. Stories and shares during calls have inspired me when I've felt stagnant and stuck. A 1-person business can at times feel isolating, so being in community just feels comforting and supportive."

Our Key Values

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