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Our Story

Who Are we?

The Best Life Coach Collective Team

We are a Coach Collective and Community with a shared goal of helping EVERYONE reach their Highest Potential and live their BEST life.


We started as three strangers from around North America “hacking” our lives to become our best selves. And we met as we each embarked on a journey to share our knowledge as certified Human Potential Coaches.

Bonded by our desire to destigmatize the Life Coaching industry, we noticed that while there are many coach directories, there are very few resources for coaches to connect as a community and find their best-fit clients.


By bringing together coaches and providing a platform for them to share their expertise, we’re helping anyone looking for support connect with certified life coaches and choose the BEST FIT for themselves.

Best Life Coach Collective
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.
Margaret Mead

Our Key Values

Stop feeling alone and overwhelmed with your biz!​

Joining the Collective You'll...

  • Get listed in our “Find a Coach” directory to increase your brand awareness and credibility.
  • Connect with other coaches to uplift and support each other in monthly community calls and co-working opportunities.
  • Stand out in a saturated market by getting featured on our blog, social media, and podcast platform.
  • Gain more traffic and leads through paid advertising done for you by industry professionals.
  • Refer to yourself as a “Best Life Coach Collective Coach” to increase your credibility.
  • Be inspired!
With lots more to come as we grow together!
"Being a member of The Best Life Coach Collective has motivated me to follow through with writing blogs and social media posts. Stories and shares during calls have inspired me when I've felt stagnant and stuck. A 1-person business can at times feel isolating, so being in community just feels comforting and supportive."

Our Co-Founders

Sarah Mae Abji-Endicott

Sarah Mae is a Mindful Productivity Coach, ex-high school teacher, and certified Human Potential Coach.


A multi-talented badass, she’s also our in-house graphic designer and web developer. 


After going from extremely burnt-out educator to coach, Sarah now helps busy entrepreneurs yearning for biz+life balance create more energy, time, and focus, so they can work less and play more.

Melissa Byone

Melissa is a Marketing, Life & Wellness Coach that is known for her calm spirit and effective approach.


Our marketing specialist, she brings 10 years of corporate brand-building experience to helping her clients define their purpose and to live life with intentionality. 


In a coaching engagement she encourages and empowers her clients to achieve their goals, realize their potential, and upgrade their mind, body, and energy.

Stephanie Nelb

Steph is our resident Mindset & Habits Coach that helps clients envision and reach their goals.


In addition to life coach training, she has 10+ experience setting and achieving breakthrough goals, and continues to learn the latest strategies for living your best life constantly.


She helps clients shift their mindsets, establish habits that stick, and define action plans to live happier, more fulfilled lives. In helping you UPLEVEL, she hopes you’ll create more good in the world; creating a ripple effect of goodness.

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