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Our Story

Who Are we?

The Best Life Coach Collective Team

The Best Life Coach Collective started as three strangers “hacking” our lives to become our best selves. We met as we each embarked on a journey to share our knowledge as Certified Human Potential Coaches.

Bonded by our desire to destigmatize the Life Coaching industry, we noticed that there aren’t enough legit resources for people to connect with certified life coaches and choose the BEST FIT for themselves.


So we decided that building a Coach Collective and Community would enable us to reach our ultimate shared goal of helping EVERYONE reach their Highest Potential and live their BEST life.


As they say, it takes a village.


Welcome to yours. 

Best Life Coach Collective
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.
Margaret Mead

Our Key Values

We're over here living our Best Lives. Join us!​

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Our Co-Founders

Sarah Mae Abji-Endicott

Sarah is a Peak Productivity Coach that helps entrepreneurs go from “busy” to balanced, so they can actually have a life outside of work.

She’s a certified Human Potential Coach and brings decades of teaching experience to her coaching.


After going from extremely burnt-out educator to entrepreneur and co-founder of the Best Life Coach Collective, Sarah now helps busy entrepreneurs create more time, energy, and clarity, so they can be productive when they need to be, and “unproductive” when they want to be – no guilt.

Melissa Byone

Melissa is a Life & Wellness Coach that is known for her calm spirit and effective approach.


She brings 10 years of corporate brand building experience to helping her clients define their purpose and to live life with intentionality. 


In a coaching engagement she encourages and empowers her clients to achieve their goals, realize their potential, and upgrade their mind, body, and energy.

Stephanie Nelb

Steph is a Mindset & Life Coach that helps clients envision and reach their goals.


In addition to life coach training, she has 10+ experience of setting and achieving breakthrough goals, and continues to constantly learn the latest strategies for living your best life.


She helps clients shift their mindsets, establish habits that stick, and define action plans to live happier, more fulfilled lives. In helping you UPLEVEL, she hopes you will then create more good in the world; creating a ripple effect of goodness.

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